Restaurant In New Zealand Under Fire For ‘Incredibly Racist Service’

Hannah Bleau

A restaurant in New Zealand is under fire for what the customers describe as “incredibly racist service.” What did that “incredibly racist service” look like? Apparently, the waitress identified the party as “Asians” on their receipt.

I’m willing to bet she labeled them as “Asians” because it was the easiest way to remember which table was which in her head. She probably should’ve taken it off the receipt, but I don’t think there were racist intentions.

The restaurant manager has issued an apology.

A manager for the Falls Restaurant & Café, located in West Auckland, has since apologized for the incident, blaming it on a new waitress who “should not have done that.”

“We never do this and we will never do that again,” said manager Arvind Kumar in a statement obtained by

Kumar, however, also said that the customers were seated at an “unnumbered random table,” presumably making it more difficult to identify which table the patrons were occupying, though he acknowledged the message on the receipt was a “mistake.”

See? Totally innocent. However, the patrons are ticked.

The woman who received the receipt, and who did not reveal her identity to, told the outlet she has been a regular customer at Falls Restaurant & Café for seven years and never had a problem.

“As a group of ‘Asians’ born in this country, we were truly shocked at the restaurant for their incredibly racist service.”

The woman claims she also complained aloud for the waiters to hear, “but no one acknowledged the situation or apologized,” adding that the servers “were totally ignoring us.”

You just can’t convince me that this is a big deal. Sure. The waitress probably should’ve taken it off the receipt, just because it doesn’t look professional business-wise. But at the end of the day, who cares? So you were identified by your race because the table wasn’t numbered… Big deal. Get over it.

h/t Fox News