Don Jr. Hits ‘Em Where It Hurts, And I Am HERE For It

Hannah Bleau

Maybe The Most Powerful Speech Don Jr. Has Ever Given, Don’t Miss It

Don Jr. was at his father’s rally in El Paso Monday night, and he spoke on stage. I haven’t heard him speechify to a crowd in a while, but DANG did I like what he was saying!

He praised young conservatives and dropped this flawless line: “You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth…You can think for yourselves.”

Yes, yes 1000x YES.

Trust me. I know all about it. College made me more conservative. I didn’t go to school with the intention of getting into politics. Liberal professors and brain dead classmates drove me in that direction. I remember sitting in entry level classes (I was in dual enrollment, so I was technically still a high school student at the time) listening to my teachers RAIL on political topics that had absolutely NOTHING to do with our class. We were in Comp 2– for crying out loud. I KNEW what they were saying was wrong and borderline inappropriate, and it quickly drove me read a million books, form opinions and learn how to articulate my views. I couldn’t sit there and accept it, but it amazed me that other students did. Some didn’t even REALIZE what was happening.

It’s not easy being the lone conservative (or the lone person with COMMON SENSE), but man. Being right…it never gets old. Keep your head up, conservative kids. You can be a liberal, or you can be right. 😉