California Gov. Newsom Pulls Troops From The Border In Defiance

Hannah Bleau

Liberals continue to destroy California at warp speed.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has decided to pull hundreds of National Guard troops from the border in defiance. He said the border crisis is nothing more than “political theater,” and he’s not interested in participating.

“This crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis,” Newsom said. “We are not interested in participating in this political theater.”

What happened to Kate Steinle: Political theater. Mmmkay?

The decision to pull 260 of the state’s 360 troops from the border follows Trump’s State of the Union address last week in which he repeated concerns about a border crisis. Newsom’s action is another sign the new governor, after just over a month in office, is taking a more activist approach when it comes to Trump’s policies than California’s previous governor, Jerry Brown.

Last April, Brown agreed to send about 400 of the state’s troops to the border at the request of Trump, who cited “a crisis” at the border due to a “combination of illegal drugs, dangerous gang activity, and extensive illegal immigration.”

Newsom signed an order Monday to withdraw 260 troops in a challenge to Trump’s original request. The remaining 100 troops will conduct operations primarily around ports of entry, supporting federal efforts to combat drug and gun trafficking.

I just can’t believe how stupid all of this has become.

h/t CNBC