AOC Is Extremely Offended By Trump’s Description Of The ‘Green New Deal’

Hannah Bleau

Watch: AOC Is NOT Happy About Trump’s Response To Her ‘Green New Deal’

The Green New Deal is a hot mess. It’s a steaming pile. That’s the nicest way I can put it.

President Trump obviously feels the same way. He trolled pretty hard the other night.

“Brilliant!” Gotta love it.

He didn’t stop there. He also compared it to a crappy high school term paper, which I think is INCREDIBLY generous. I would’ve said crappy middle school term paper.

AOC is extremely offended and went after Trump for, uh, not knowing how to read in full sentences or something.

Girl. You’re supposedly an “educated” individual and ACTUALLY BELIEVE SOCIALISM CAN WORK. You’re an utter embarrassment. Also, you morons USED THE PHRASE “FARTING COWS” You have absolutely NO room to talk. Clapbacks on Twitter ≠ intelligence. Also, going to college ≠ intelligence, as you have wondrously taught us.

Sit down.