Cardi B Thanks Tom Petty For The Flowers He Apparently Sent Her From The Grave

Ashley (Kimber)

I remember the day Tom Petty died REALLY clearly because I was DEVASTATED. He’s always been one of my favorites, and seeing him live was way up on my bucket list.

Plus he really did seem like a pretty nice guy.

Nice enough to send someone congratulatory flowers. You know. If he were alive to send them.

Popular rapper and professional loud-mouth Cardi B is either very, very confused about who Tom Petty is or thinks Tom Petty’s ghost sent her flowers.

According to this:

While inundated with congratulatory messages for winning her first Grammy Award on Sunday, Cardi B accidentally thanked late legend Tom Petty for a bunch of flowers.

The 26-year-old songstress took home the award for Best Rap Album for “Invasion of Privacy,” making her only the second female artist to win the award.

She then received some flowers which were accompanied by a note quoting lyrics by Petty — who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2017 — and appeared to mistakenly think the rocker had sent them.

I may be biased, but I feel like you need to know who Tom Petty is to be eligible for a Grammy. It should be written into the requirements.

“Thank you Tom Petty for the flowers,” Cardi wrote in a post on her Instagram Story, which has since been deleted. “I left the room but the flowers were very big. I want to say thank you so much.”

I find “I left the room but the flowers were very big” almost as incomprehensible as the fact she didn’t realize Tom Petty most certainly did not send her flowers. Why does her location within a room have anything to do with anything?

Cardi also thanked Petty for the accompanying note, describing the words as “beautiful.”

The note quoted Petty’s song “Walls (Circus),” reading, “You’ve got a big heart. So big it could crush this town.”

…And I can’t hold out forever/ Even walls fall down.

Maybe this was a message about border security?


It remains unclear who sent the bouquet, but fans have been throwing guesses around social media, with some suggesting Chris Brown, while others wondering if Cardi’s nemesis, Nicki Minaj, could have sent the gift.

Does Nicki Minaj know who Tom Petty is? If she does, I’ve chosen my side in this long-lasting rap feud. Team TOM PETTY AND WHOEVER KNOWS WHO HE IS.

Anyway. This is derpy, but what else would I expect from Cardi B?