Rob Lowe Deletes ‘Offensive’ Tweet About Elizabeth Warren

Hannah Bleau

Elizabeth Warren launched her presidential bid yesterday.

Trump responded:

He got a ton of backlash for capitalizing TRAIL. Many thought he was inappropriately referencing the Trail of Tears.

Now SJWs are angry at someone else’s Elizabeth Warren tweet.

I’m almost mad at myself for not thinking of that one first.

SJWs absolutely flipped.

It’s racist to make a joke about someone who pretends to be a different race?

I truly don’t understand why everyone is so offended. For crying out loud, Elizabeth Warren is the one who PRETENDED TO BE AN INDIAN just to get ahead. Why aren’t they more upset by HER actions? They’re more offended by people making JOKES about it. SHE IS THE LIVING JOKE, PEOPLE.

Anyway, he deleted it, which was completely unnecessary IMHO.

SJWs are insane.