President Trump Finally Weighs In On The Chaos In Virginia

Hannah Bleau

Virginia is a mess. The governor’s med school yearbook shows a picture of him in blackface. Although he SWEARS it’s not him, because the guys in the picture are holding beverages in their right hands, and he’s totally left-handed (except when he’s signing things).


Meanwhile, the lieutenant governor has been accused of sexual assault by woman and rape by another. Oh. And Virginia’s attorney general admitted that he dressed up in blackface too, so that’s awkward.

Like I said. It’s a mess.

President Trump hasn’t really said much, until now. He tweeted about it, but the tweet is pretty short.

You’d think they would be. None of these guys want to step down. Heck, if Northam were a Republican, he’d be chased out with his tail between his legs yesterday.

There’s a HUGE double standard here, whether you want to admit it or not.

Bonus tweet: