Pelosi Recreates Her ‘Petty Clap’ With Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

Hannah Bleau

You guys remember the “petty clap” Pelosi did during President Trump’s State of the Union address?

Libs were freaking out over her sarcastic choppy hand clap. They were all, “OMG SHE IS KWEEN FOREVER.”

But listen. She SWEARS it wasn’t a sarcastic clap.

β€œIt wasn’t sarcastic,” she said to reporters on Wednesday.

She added: β€œI wanted him to know that was a very welcome message.”

That’s kind of hard to believe though, because she recreated the non-petty petty clap with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. You can see the picture of it right here.

The Speaker was attending the MusiCares Person of the Year gala in Los Angeles Friday. The event honored country music icon Dolly Parton.

She was caught by cameras laughing and recreating the moment with the entertainers as her husband looked on.

Yeah. Totally not sarcastic. Mhm. I always recreate my serious claps with people. Uh-huh. All the time.

h/t Fox News