Iran’s Supreme Leader Explains What ‘Down With The USA’ REALLY Means

Hannah Bleau

Iran is a stain. There. I said it, and I feel like most people agree. Obama’s Iran Deal was a stain on our country, but we’re not necessarily talking about that in this post.

I wanna talk about Iran’s go-to phrase: “Death to America.”

Iranian officials lead “Death to America,” “Down with the USA” and “Death to Israel” chants quite frequently, but Iran’s supreme leader Sayed Ali Khamenei wants everyone to know that we’ve been misinterpreting it. “Down with the USA” doesn’t necessarily mean “Death to America.” It means “Down with Trump” and “Death to American politicians.” Get it straight!

Hogwash. Iranian leaders have been shouting that phrase under EVERY administration. They’ve hated EVERY administration, so don’t give me that crap. This isn’t about hating specific members of Trump’s administration. It’s about HATING AMERICA.

How many gays have you guys hurled off rooftops lately? Just wondering.

h/t Daily Wire