AOC’s Policy Adviser Caught Lying Right To Tucker Carlson’s Face

Hannah Bleau

Tucker Carlson recently had AOC’s policy adviser on his show to discuss the “Green New Deal.” The dude, Robert Hockett, was full of it. He was totally in damage control mode. The lies rolled off his tongue with ease.

He tried to convince Tucker that whole part about providing economic security for people “unwilling” to work is a lie. AOC’s team didn’t put that in the document. Oh. There’s nothing about phasing out air travel either.

He has no idea what Tucker’s talking about. I guess he didn’t read the original document AOC’s team put out. They took the FAQ page down, but it’s archived right here. I repeat, this was the document AOC’s team originally put out. It’s not doctored whatsoever.

Her team published it. The end. Those aren’t points we made up. That’s what the original document said. But of course, AOC is playing victim now. That’s her go-to.

Here’s the full interview, if you’re interested. And don’t forget. You can read the original document right here. “Farting cows,” phasing out air travel and providing economic security for those “unwilling” to work– it’s all in there.