AOC Continues To Try To Defend The Laughable Green New Deal, Fails Miserably

Hannah Bleau

AOC and her minions are desperately trying to convince everyone that they’re reading doctored FAQs from the “Green New Deal.”

The original document speaks for itself. We’re talking about the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT her team pumped out. You can read the entire thing right here.

It’s all in there. You can either read about it and educate yourself, or take AOC’s word for it. She’s desperate.

Government failed, and the only way to fix everything is by…expanding government. Mmmkay.

You hear that? Think of it as a “Request for Proposals.”

OK. Providing economic security for those “unwilling” to work, you say? REQUEST DENIED. Eliminating cars and air travel? REQUEST DENIED. Ridding the world of cows? REQUEST DENIED. Expanding government to satisfy your endless need to control people’s lives? REQUEST DENIED.

That was fun. Send me more requests.

h/t Twitchy