President Trump Is Trolling SO HARD This Evening, And I Am HERE For It

Hannah Bleau

Trump is feeling extra troll-y tonight.

He had a few things to say about Elizabeth Warren’s presidential bid. Something tells me he really wants her to win the nomination. He’d have WAY too much fun with it.

Just for the record, Trump is facing immense backlash for capitalizing TRAIL. Some say he was making an inappropriate reference to the Trail of Tears. I totally didn’t pick up on that when I read it, but I guess it’s subject to interpretation at this point. He randomly capitalizes words for emphasis a lot, so IDK. Please just keep in mind that libs are more offended over the possibility of that reference than the fact that Elizabeth Warren lied about her heritage to get ahead for the entirety of her life.

Moving on to THIS TWEET. This is the tweet I’m really here for. He offered a bit of commentary on the Democratic Party’s “Green New Deal.”

“Brilliant!” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Love the sarcasm there. The Green New Deal cannot be mocked enough IMHO.