Netflix Picked Up A Documentary About AOC, And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Hannah Bleau

Does Netflix WANT to suck? Serious question.

According to this, Netflix is picking up a documentary about AOC. Don’t ask me why. Nothing makes sense anymore. It’s the same company that agreed to pick up a TV version of “Goop,” so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

The media giant acquired the worldwide distribution rights to “Knock Down the House” it confirmed Thursday.

Ocasio-Cortez’s midterm election campaign was one of four political bids by progressive female candidates highlighted in the Sundance Film Festival audience-favorite winner. Deadline reports that Netflix acquired the “Knock Down the House” rights for a record $10 million.

I just can’t imagine anyone actually taking the time to watch this, but the film’s director, Rachel Lears, seems pretty optimistic.

“We’re also very excited to be working with Netflix on a campaign to spark wider cultural conversations about our democracy and how it can continue to evolve,” Lears said.

Good job Netflix. Good job.