Ooooo – This Is Juicy. Jill Abramson Accused Of Plagiarism In Her Latest Book, And I’m Still Raging About Her Vocal Fry.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


A couple months ago, after Daisy and I finished watching the docuseries The Clinton Affairs, we did a radio segment about Jill Abramson, former editor of the NYT. Jill appeared in that docuseries a couple of times, and while I’d heard of her before, up to that point I’d never heard her speak in an interview. When I heard her speak in the docuseries, it hit all of my rage buttons, because she has a worse vocal fry than the Kardashians, and that’s saying something.

Anyway, you need to listen to this radio segment, in which you’ll hear what I’m talking about, AND you’ll also get a side bonus of Chelsea Clinton sounding like a sheep.

Fast forward to last night. Last night, Jill Abramson appeared on the Martha MacCallum show to promote her new book, Merchants of Truth – a look at how journalism has evolved over the years. And Martha caught her off guard because right as Jill was making her appearance, news broke that she was being accused of plagiarizing parts of it by Michael Moynihan from Vice. The ensuing line of questioning was so super deliciously awkward. Check it out:


Moynihan released a series of tweets that showed passages from Abramson’s book and compared them to passages found elsewhere – and it’s kinda hard to say she DIDN’T plagiarize when you look at them.  They’re incredibly damning.

She has since tweeted:


Anyway, I’d have more sympathy for her if her voice didn’t make my ears bleed.

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