PSA: Don’t Make Dumb Assumptions. This Lesson Brought To You By Karen, The Latest Wall Of Shame Addition.

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The other day, I wrote about the fact that there had been a Ruth Bader Ginsburg sighting.  If you didn’t see that post, you can catch up right here. It’s actually a really quick read, so I’m just gonna copy the full text of the post below for your convenience:


According to this, 85-year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg went to a concert last night, just a few blocks away from the White House.  Her daughter in law is a singer/musician, and the concert was dedicated to Ginsburg’s career.

You’ve probably seen the #wheresRuth hashtag floating around Twitter lately.  Well, we now have an answer.  She apparently sat in the back of the auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and no photos were allowed.

According to RBG’s son, RBG is walking a mile a day and working out with her trainer twice a week, which, I gotta be honest, makes me feel like a complete slug.  I thought I was gonna die in Zumba last night.

Now, there are probably gonna be people who are all, “If there is no photographic evidence, I don’t believe she was there,” but you guys – clearly RBG is a superhero, considering she’s already beaten cancer twice.  So I believe it.

I saw a meme the other day – a pic of the Supreme Court sans Ruth, with the caption, “Future memes of the Supreme Court are gonna be ruthless.”  And you guys, I totally giggled.  Not because I want anything bad to happen to her, because I don’t.  I’m in awe of her stamina.  I mean yeah – she sleeps a lot.  But you know what I mean.


Anyway, so that’s what I wrote. Since there was no photographic evidence of the recent RBG sighting (as I mentioned in the post), I used an older picture of her as the thumbnail for the post – one of my favorite screenshots from a video clip of a previous SOTU – which appears whenever you link to the post from social media. This one:

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An oldie but a goodie, amirite?

Anyway.  Now you have the context you need to fully enjoy the Twitter exchange I had with a woman named Karen.  BEHOLD:

So right out of the gate, Karen is hostile and bitchy because she assumes I’m trying to pull one over on folks by misleading them into thinking THAT PHOTO is the recent sighting of RBG mentioned in the headline.  We’re “not relevant posting old photos” according to Karen.

See – this is why you should actually click on stories before you assume you know what they’re about.  Otherwise, you end up looking as dumb as Karen.

Amazingly, she didn’t just double down, she went full batsh*t.

Willfully misleading?  WTF?  There was literally nothing misleading whatsoever about my post, about the photo I chose, or anything else.  And it’s a complete lie that she read the article, because if she had, she would have never come after us in the first place.

I responded:


Karen was adamant.  And so was I.

And then, things got even crazier.  Karen decided to compare my post with some random post that Sarah Palin had posted on her own site:

And immediately after that inexplicable comparison, Karen posted this:


So, Karen’s idea of “going high” is coming after us to accuse us of misleading our followers, accuse us of trying to pass off old pictures as new pictures, and to call us irrelevant.

Leftists seriously have no self-awareness at all.

I responded. And then she decided she wanted to bring more people into the conversation.

I’m the deluded one, according to Karen. Even though the screenshot proves exactly what I said it proved.

This was when I realized I was dealing with some serious crazy.  But I was game, because I know how y’all love Wall of Shame posts. 🙂

Too snarky? I kinda felt like it wasn’t, since she was the one who had started this completely pointless fight in the first place.

And then, she started tweeting at various other accounts (the @girlsreallyrule one belongs to a feminist writer for Playboy), basically asking for affirmation that she wasn’t batsh*t.

After a couple hours, I checked to see if anyone had responded to her pleas.  They hadn’t.  So I sent her an offer:

Since none of the accounts Karen had copied were paying any attention to her, she responded to another one of the Playboy writer’s tweets hoping to get noticed:

Oh Karen.  You poor thing.

The next thing that happened made me laugh out loud. Like for real, even – the kind of LOL where you really are LOLing and not just typing that you’re LOLing.  I was legit laughing, out loud, at my computer, by myself, at how batsh*t this chick was.  You know why?

She reached out to freaking CHELSEA HANDLER to help.  BEHOLD:

She wants to “band together” with Chelsea Handler against our platform, y’all. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I think what she’s trying to prove is that because SHE DIDN’T PERSONALLY LIKE the photo I chose of RBG snoring at a past SOTU, that it was wrong to use.  Think she’d have said the same thing if I’d used a standard court headshot?  I mean, it still wouldn’t have been the recent sighting of RBG, so is Karen trying to say that literally no photo would have been appropriate as a thumbnail?

This morning, because I couldn’t resist, I reached out again:

And also this morning, one of her friends finally tried to help out:

Someone help me understand this part:  “At least my pathetic is current” – WTF does that even mean?

Anyway, I’ll let y’all know if Chelsea Handler bands together with Karen against our platform.  Meantime, here’s another example of Karen desperately trying to befriend horrific celebrities and doing that whole “going high” thing that Democrats like to think they do.

Yeah.  Good job “going high,” Karen.  You’re clearly a master at it.