Elizabeth Warren Apologizes For Claiming To Be Native American On Her Texas Bar Registration

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You may have seen last night that just before the SOTU, the WaPo reported that Elizabeth Warren’s Texas Bar Association registration card from 1986 had been discovered, and that she’d claimed her race was Native American on it. 

I mean, can you even?

There was really nothing she could do but apologize, and so according to this, that’s what she did.

‘I can’t go back,’ Warren told The Washington Post Tuesday. ‘But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.’

Here’s my favorite part.

“Warren told the Post the apology on Tuesday applied to her records for Harvard, Penn and AALS. ‘She is sorry that she was not more mindful of this earlier in her career,’ Warren campaign spokeswoman Kristen Orthman, said.

I love how she’s all, “So yeah – this apology should cover me for all past transgressions, k?” I’m surprised she didn’t say she was apologizing IN ADVANCE for how dumb she’s inevitably going to be in the future while she was at it.

She’s toast, and she should bow out of the race and crack open another beer before she humiliates herself any further.

Also, I find it completely fascinating that WaPo chose to release that little tidbit just before the SOTU. What do you make of that? Did they release it then in order to help her out in the hopes that the SOTU would overshadow it?

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