KKK’s David Duke Supports A Dem For 2020 (And No, It’s Not Ralph Northam)

Ashley (Kimber)

Remember when David Duke said he supported Trump, and the left shrieked “OMG CONDEMN HIM, YOU MUST CONDEEEMN HIM, YOU HAVEN’T CONDEMNED HIM YET” despite the fact Trump condemned him, white supremacy, and bigotry of all kinds over and over and over again?

Well, David Duke is supporting someone NEW for 2020. Will the left get all up in HER face to “condemn” him over and over and over again? Or will they just brush him off this time?

Huh… would you look at that?

I mean… he’s not messing around. He made his entire Twitter profile about it:

It turns out he’s been into her for a while…. and she’s told him off before:


What is even going ON?!!

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