Dem Senator Objects Bill That Would Protect Babies From Straight Up Infanticide

Hannah Bleau

Like Michael Moore said…there’s no middle ground anymore.

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray decided to object the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which is pretty self-explanatory. It would essentially require doctors to treat babies who survive their abortions.

This was a unanimous consent vote, a mechanism under which the bill passes the U.S. Senate if no senator objects and individual senators’ positions are not recorded.

Murray objected to the motion, claiming there are already laws against infanticide.

“This is a gross misinterpretation of the actual language of the bill that is being asked to be considered and, therefore, I object,” said Murray.

If there are already laws against infanticide and you’re against infanticide (as everyone SHOULD BE), WHY WOULD YOU REJECT THIS FOR GOOD MEASURE YOU HAG.

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst skewered libs and their extreme position.

“There is nothing great, there is nothing moral, or even humane about the discussion that we have before us today,” Ernst said. “Over the past week, we have witnessed the absolutely ugly truth about the far-reaching grasp of the abortion industry and its increasingly radicalized political agenda.”

“Politicians have not only defended aborting a child while a woman is in labor, but have gone so far as to support the termination of a child after his or her birth,” she continued. “A child. A baby. Rationality, decency, and basic human compassion have fallen by the wayside.”

This is where we’re at now. Liberals are straight up objecting anti-infanticide bills.

h/t LifeSite News

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