Will Northam Resign Today?

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Imagine being one of Gov Ralph Northam’s staff members, and getting called into an emergency staff meeting at 6pm last night, RIGHT BEFORE KICK-OFF.

As if it didn’t already suck to work for that guy, amirite?

Anyway, that’s where we are with the Northam blackface drama. Literally everyone is calling for Ralph Northam to step down as governor, because he may or may not have worn blackface or a KKK costume in a photo that was used for his page in his medical school yearbook in 1984, but he also definitely did wear blackface to moonwalk as Michael Jackson, and was fully prepared to perform the moonwalk again during his press conference until his wife was all, “Dude. Now’s not the time.”

According to this, Northam pulled his staff together last night to “consider his next move.” I don’t know about y’all, but I’m hoping it includes more dancing.

I’m not gonna lie – this has been the most delicious story to watch unfold all weekend long. I think it’s absurd that anyone should have to lose their career over a photo from decades ago, and I think it’s absurd that people are digging up yearbooks in order to conduct after-the-fact opposition research on politicians who’ve spent their lives doing solid, respectable work.  But this is what Democrats started when they went after Kavanaugh.  This is the bed they made.  It sucks for everyone, of course, and it continues a new tradition from this past fall which is absolutely horrific, but I am quite amused watching it impact their own side.  THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, Democrats.  You despicable, outrage-creating, hypocritical monsters.

Gov Northam’s wife is pushing him to fight on, resist resigning, and work on “rebuilding his image.”  Yeah.  Good luck with that.  Democrats hate him because he made them look bad by being blackfacey.  Most Republicans could look past a decades old photo like that, if not for the fact that he openly calls for infanticide.  Amazing how different our priorities are, isn’t it?  Leftists like Nancy Pelosi didn’t even COMMENT about Northam’s infanticide interview.  But she pounced right on top of the whole blackface drama.

Mean pictures? Unforgivable.  Killing babies up to and even right after birth?  Meh. Whatevs.

Anyway, it’s possible Northam will resign today.  FYI.