WaPo Out-Dumbs Themselves With This FLAMING HOT Take On Trump V. Northam

Ashley (Kimber)

They can’t be serious:

Oh… they’re serious.

Democrats don’t have completely clean hands on race issues; if nothing else, the Northam episode illustrates that. But when commentators such as David Limbaugh ask if Trump supporters must “forfeit the right to pass any moral judgments” because of their continual excuse-making for him, the only reply is: yes. Criticizing Northam for “past racist behavior” and his present equivocation after more than two years of overlooking an astonishing record of divisiveness reflects little more than a self-serving, morally repellent double standard. There are plenty of good arguments for kicking Northam out of his job. The newfound racial piety of a party that sold its soul to Trump isn’t one of them.

THIS is what FULL TDS looks like.

If someone, ANYONE, can show me ACTUAL evidence that Trump is a racist, I’ll back down. But “he said things I didn’t like” and “once he said rapists come over from Mexico” don’t COUNT.


(Full disclosure: I am Mexican myself. While I think there are more “tactful” ways to say many of the things Trump has said, he has never said anything I felt was “racist.”)


But of course, their drooling little minions are all over this:

Oh, SPARE ME, Christina.