Daisy’s Hidden Talent Which I Only Just Discovered Today

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Daisy and I have been best friends for almost 10 years now, and yet today, I learned something new about her. She shares the same talent as this woman:

Cue someone from the Perpetually Outraged Brigade shrieking, “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIIIIIIST!” If you’re that person, kindly GTFO. This site is for grown-ups, not weirdos who don’t appreciate classics like the movie Airplane.

Anyway, as you know from our Wall of Shame, we Chicks get lots of critical messages from people via email, comments here on the site, social media messages, and even voicemails. Last night, I checked our voicemail (317-684-8444 if you ever want to drop us a line), and found a message that I replayed like 8 times trying to decipher what in the world this woman was saying. Since she started her message with, “Y’all b*tches” I was fairly certain the rest of it wasn’t going to be complimentary, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. All I could come up with was that she was saying, “Y’all b*tches seem to know everything, except for where that motherf*ckin’ snow is coming from. It’s your ___ grass.” But given how clear the “y’all b*tches” part was – I couldn’t imagine the rest of the message would be so tame by comparison.

Plus, I couldn’t remember us wondering aloud on our show where the motherf*ckin’ snow was coming from. We know very well where snow comes from.

So this morning, I get to work, and I’m telling Daisy about this message, and she says, “I will totally be able to understand it,” and you guys, she listened to it once. ONCE. And she translated it immediately.

Take a listen.

So? Were you able to hear the insult? If you lack the skills, as I do, to translate whatever language form that was into English, then I’ll tell you what Daisy said the caller said:

“Y’all b*tches seem to know everything, except for where that motherf*cking smell is coming from. It’s your old ass.”

So there you go.

This reminded us of our favorite scene from one of our favorite movies:

Anyway, now you have an idea of what our mornings look like as we prepare for our radio show. They also look like this:

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