“The Downfall Of The Women’s March”

Ashley (Kimber)

I know quite a few women who have participated in a Women’s March.

I LOVE quite a few women who have participated in a Women’s March.

I do not let political differences get in the way of my relationships. As long as people respect the fact that I feel differently than they do, I will do the same. So my stance on loved ones of mine participating in Women’s Marches USED to be “listen… we have different views on what’s going on in the world. And that’s ok.”


Well. With everything that is now WELL KNOWN about the Women’s March and its organizers, with all of the Democrats who realize they must disavow the hateful, bigoted words and actions of the Women’s March leadership in order to keep up the facade of “tolerance and inclusion” …I have a VERY hard time understanding or empathizing with those willfully ignorant enough to continue participating in this farce.

I noticed a few people I know are still part of this. I just don’t get it anymore.

FORTUNATELY, the organization is finally getting their due. They are falling apart at the seams.

Kassy Dillon was there. And while I hate rehashing this crap… her video is SO GOOD. It does an AMAZING job at covering the downfall of this absolutely hateful organization… and what those who continue to support it have to say.