The Krassenstein Brothers’ New Podcast Is As Epically Horrible As You’d Imagine It To Be

Ashley (Kimber)

Actually…it’s worse.

The Krassenstein Brothers are two entirely unhinged Beta Boys who have made their lives entirely about hating Trump.

They’re the same weirdos that came up with that ultra-creepy male-stripper-Mueller children’s book:


Anyway, these douchelords decided to do a podcast together. It…hurts.

Oh, dear LORD.

This can’t be real, can it?

It is.


This is real? Unironically real? I mean… this is literally, word-for-word, what I would say if I had to record a parody of a TDS victim.

OMG. He’s right.

Their dad must be so proud.

LOLOLOLOL. No. Stop that.


Yeah… it started SOMEWHERE, Brittany.

Anyway… this is what we’re up against.