Jim Acosta Is Writing A Book

Hannah Bleau

Who called it?

CNN’s whiniest reporter Jim Acosta– AKA the living embodiment of #FakeNews– is writing a book. It’s going to be titled, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

He probably won’t get one of the president’s endorsement tweets, but CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is writing a book for the HarperCollins Publishers imprint Harper about his experience reporting on Donald Trump’s administration.

Basically, Jim Acosta is positioning himself as a hero of the people.

“This sobering, bewildering, and sometimes frightening experience has made it absolutely clear that this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America,” Acosta said in a statement.

“Frightening.” He said that. Out loud.

“The president and his team, not to mention some of his supporters, have attempted to silence the press in ways we have never seen before. As just about everybody has seen, I have witnessed this first hand,” he continued. “As difficult as that challenge may be for the free press in America, we must continue to do our jobs and report the news. The truth is worth the fight.”

How delusional can he be? VERY. The answer to that question is VERY.

I’m not into hate-reading, but I’m not gonna lie. I’d be tempted to flip through this disaster.

h/t Hollywood Reporter