Yet ANOTHER Razor Company Is Coming At Us With Their WOKENESS

Ashley (Kimber)

Back when I was in college, my friends and I used to joke that people called us “Gillette”… because we were the BEST a man could get.

Fast forward a few years. Now feminists should be called “Gillette”… because they want to slice your balls off.

Here’s the video attached:


“Whatever. I’ll find a razor that doesn’t think they need to SMASH THE PATRIARCHY.” -You.

“That may be harder than you think.” -Me.

It turns out, companies that sell little instruments to shave the hair off your body all think they need to get SJW on your hairy a$$.


But it looks like they hopped on the SJW train WAY before Gillette did! MAYBE THEY STARTED A TREND?

Um yeah, ok? Maybe just be a decent person and stop making a THING out of everything. How’s that?


OOPS! I mean “manlet.” Sorry for not being more inclusive on Beta males!

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