Welp. Cory Booker REALLY Doesn’t Want To Talk About Chicago

Ashley (Kimber)

AG nominee William Barr is currently getting grilled by Senators who want camera time for their loud and clear virtue signaling.

Little Spartacus clearly did not disappoint.

He LIVES for this kind of thing.


Because talking about how black neighborhoods are victims of crime – and therefore may need MORE HELP is RACIST.

Actually, talking about CHICAGO is racist.

No, my friend. YOU brought up racial fears.


Why would he? He pulled his race card out, and that’s supposed to be the END OF IT.

“I had shootings in my neighborhood” …but I want all those people on the STREETS and out of jail? REALLY?!

Isn’t it interesting how it’s “RACIST” to think criminals should be put away… so that non-criminals in black neighborhoods may actually be SAFE in their own homes?!


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