President Trump Wonders Why Pelosi Is Getting Paid

Hannah Bleau

We’re officially on shutdown day 25. You know there’s no immediate end in sight when Fox News takes down its live government shutdown clock.

President Trump has vowed to never back down from this fight.

With the government mired in shutdown week four, President Donald Trump rejected a short-term legislative fix and dug in for more combat Monday, declaring he would “never ever back down.”

Trump rejected a suggestion to reopen the government for several weeks while negotiations would continue with Democrats over his demands for $5.7 billion for a long, impregnable wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The president also edged further away from the idea of trying to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress.

He’s not eager to declare a national emergency either.

“I’m not looking to call a national emergency,” Trump said. “This is so simple we shouldn’t have to.”


This shouldn’t be complicated. I know that it sucks that this entire shutdown is tied to border security, but it’s the only way Trump can force the issue. Otherwise, Congress will continue to ignore our porous border. They’re pros at kicking the can down the road.

Enough is enough. Trump drew a line in the sand. While I believe that he truly cares about border security, I think he also realizes that his 2020 chances would greatly diminish if he failed to stand firm and demand money for the wall.

Here’s the latest:

This tweet is my fav.

Good point. She’s one of the main reasons the government remains shut down. She’s NOT EVEN WORKING. She could be reasonable and convince her party to follow suit, but she won’t.

At this point, taxpayers are paying her to give creepy American Gothic impersonations, and that’s about it.

Give up your pay, Nancy– or better yet, give it to the government workers who you pretend to care so much for.

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