Lindsey Graham Warns The Committee That The ‘Other Guy’ Could Make An Appearance

Hannah Bleau

Lindsey Graham is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the confirmation hearing for AG nominee William Barr is currently underway.

That’s what Graham is up to today. He spoke before the official process started and issued a warning (kinda?) to the haters and losers.

There are many different versions of Lindsey Graham, and they WILL come out if necessary.

“The times of which we live are very difficult times. I don’t see them getting better overnight… So about me… I’ll be as measured as possible. The immigration Lindsey will show up. But the [Kavanaugh] guy’s there too. I don’t like him any more than you do,” he said.

Are you kidding? We LOVE Kavanaugh Lindsey!

In other words, DO NOT MESS, because he will go there. You’ve been warned.

I’m getting subtle Bruce Banner/ Hulk vibes.

He’s selling the “other” Lindsey short. He’s awesome. I say retire weenie Lindsey. His service is no longer needed.