Kamala Harris Tries To ‘School’ AG Nominee William Barr On The Wall

Hannah Bleau

I happened to catch this part of the hearing live, and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

Kamala Harris tried to nail William Barr for expressing support for some kind physical barrier on the border.

Referring to the shutdown, he previously said, “I would like to see a deal reached where by Congress recognizes it’s imperative to have border security.” He added that he wants to see “common-sense barriers.”

“I’m advocating a barrier system,” he told Harris.

She asked if he thought a wall would address his concern about drug trafficking and proceeded to talk about how the bulk of drugs come through ports of entry. She thought she “got him.”

See? A wall is a WASTE! Except… no it’s not. ONE drug and ONE illegal coming across our porous border is too many, Kamala. You proved nothing. I don’t have to visit the border to know that our country needs BASIC BORDER SECURITY in the form of a wall.

Don’t you have another “mood mix” to release or something?