Trump Goes After Warren HARD, And Takes A Dig At Jeff ‘Bozo.’ Sigh.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Ashley told you last night about Trump’s plans for Turkey, which, as has become painfully typical, were announced via Twitter. 

But that’s not all he tweeted about, y’all.

There was also this:

All right. Fairly tame, considering.

But he also went after Elizabeth Warren.

According to the Daily Mail, people were mad.

‘Wounded Knee? Bighorn? Pocahontas? This is a complete disgrace to the White House and the presidency.’

Amy Siskind tweeted: ‘Gee, who would have known we were in Day 23 of the longest government shutdown caused by YOU and hurting millions of Americans!

‘And yet, you find time to act like a middle school student online.’

Walter Shaub, the former ethics official who quit the Trump administration in protest, tweeted: ‘Your racist tweet is a disgrace, and it dishonors the high office you hold.’

Mike Rundle tweeted: ‘This is racist and gross.’

Another Twitter user tweeted: ‘It is exhausting and unbelievable that it is happening before our very eyes.’

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Wounded Knee was a massacre, including of women and children.

‘It is an open wound to the Sioux.

‘Using it as an attempt at humor in a political attack is an offense to history, let alone decency.’

Yeah. So there was that. And he wasn’t done with Warren:

I mean, I guess he’s got a point there, and it WAS a “beer catastrophe,” but I’m not gonna lie – these were the kind of Trump tweets that make me cringe.

I liked this one though:

Anyway, we’re on Day 24 of the shutdown, Dems are partying it up in Puerto Rico, and yet according to polls, the majority of Americans blame Trump. Lindsey Graham is signaling that Trump may be ready to open the government on a short term basis, before declaring a national emergency in a few weeks.

Where are y’all on the shutdown? Is it time for him to go it alone? Do a temporary re-opening? Discuss.