President Trump Tweets A Brief Video Message On The Shutdown Showdown

Hannah Bleau

President Trump just tweeted a video message out. (He’s been doing that a lot lately.) It’s basically an extension of what he tweeted this morning. He’s been at the White House all weekend, waiting for Democrats to come across the aisle and make a deal to end the shutdown and secure our border.

Trump’s challenging them to meet with him. He wants to end the shutdown, but he wants the left to realize that the border crisis cannot be ignored anymore. Think about it. If he agreed to end the shutdown with NO funding for the wall or border security, Congress would continue to put it off indefinitely. I know it sucks that it’s attached to the shutdown, but it’s the only way he can get everyone’s attention and FORCE lawmakers to finally address it.

Day 24. How many more days will it go on? Who knows.

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