Journalist Points Out Something AOC And Trump Have In “Common” – She LOSES It

Ashley (Kimber)

AOC has been getting a LOT of media attention, for a few different reasons.

On one hand, she’s a cute, young, “progressive” socialist. I’m sure the leftist media think it’s nice to have a face other than Bernie Sanders’ to tie to that absolutely absurd movement they’re trying to push.

That’s why the left covers her.

On the other, she’d bringing unprecedented levels of DUMB to politics. This girl isn’t just naive – she’s actually a bag of rocks. She is EVERYTHING that’s wrong with the progressive Left, all in one entertaining package. AOC, and people like her, are DESTROYING any credibility the left could possibly have left.

That’s why the right covers her.

So yes… she’s getting a LOT of media attention, and while the chick LIVES for attention… she also has very thin skin.

AOC was going on one of her pointless rants:

I mean… ok? Are Democrats aware of the fact that 13 percent of the American population is black? That’s really not a very high number. Based on their screeches for “adequate representation” you think 50% of Americans are black. They’re not. And even if they WERE – why have we reached a place where what is MOST important is the color of a person’s skin? WHY is that what matters?

Anyway -Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal, had something to say about this virtue-signaling little rant of hers:

ONE difference -Trump calls the media out for FAKE NEWS – AOC picks fights with the media over virtue-signaling nonsense.

She doesn’t see it that way:


NOPE. It wasn’t even really the curse words, either. It was her UNHINGED behavior.

She’s been in Congress for TWO WEEKS, folks. That’s ALL.

2019 is going to be a long, loooooong year.