Black Congresswoman Calls White Congressman A RACIST For Trying To Protect Unborn Black Babies

Ashley (Kimber)

I am so freaking TIRED of everything Democrats don’t like or don’t want to hear being “RACIST.”

It’s just their “I don’t want to hear it” card. EVERYTHING I DON’T LIKE IS RAAAACIST. PERIOD.

U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (a white man) noted that many African American babies are being aborted.



According to

A Wisconsin U.S. Congresswoman criticized a fellow Congressman from her state on Friday after he called on African American legislators to do more to protect minority women and babies from abortion.

The Blaze reports that U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, an African American from Wisconsin, verbally attacked her state colleague, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, in a statement Friday, calling him a “hypocrite” and saying she did not expect him “to understand why his comments are offensive.”

“After nearly 30 years in public office, not much surprises me anymore,” Moore said. “So you can imagine my lack of astonishment when my dear friend and colleague from Wisconsin, Sean Duffy, rolled out abortion statistics among African American women to lecture black legislators like me about defending the welfare of our constituents.”

TRANSLATION: you’re not allowed to tell black people what to do. That’s RACIST.

I’m sorry… but if someone’s doing something wrong, they should get called out for it. NO MATTER what race they are. RACISM is treating people DIFFERENTLY because of their race. Do black politicians get immunity from criticism? NO. NO, THEY DO NOT.

Duffy has responded:

Duffy told the news site that he never meant to attack Moore or anyone else. He said he used statistics to defend the lives of unborn babies and their mothers, and to encourage legislators to work together “against a powerful industry that targets them and preys on their vulnerability.”

“It is worth noting that Rep. Moore did not refute the harrowing statistics – more African American abortions than live births in NYC – because they are irrefutable,” Duffy said.

Duffy cited the fact that African Americans are 15 percent of the U.S. population but have 40 percent of the abortions. He added that more black babies are killed in abortions in New York City than are born.

I’m sorry… but isn’t the fact that Duffy is fighting AGAINST black abortion pretty clear evidence he’s NOT a racist?!


Moore responded by calling on Duffy to support the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which she described as “an organization committed to ensuring all communities, and especially those most in need, have access to high-quality care.”

“Rep. Duffy’s hypocrisy on this issue is as predictable as it is offensive. If he truly, truly wants to fight for the hopeless and voiceless, he should join us,” Moore continued.

The so-called “care” that Planned Parenthood offers includes aborting about 330,000 unborn babies every year – more than any other group in the U.S. The abortion chain also targets minorities for abortions by planting its clinics in minority neighborhoods.

After Moore called Duffy a hypocrite, U.S. Rep. Dave Brat from Virginia, who was presiding over House proceedings Friday, told Moore that House rules prohibit personal attacks between members, according to The Hill. Moore reportedly left and “did not stop or look back.”


A “racist” doesn’t fight to protect black unborn babies. A “racist” wouldn’t WANT more black people. It’s that simple. How is that hard to understand?