Remember The ‘Bird Box Challenge’ I Told You About? It Just Hit PEAK MORON

Ashley (Kimber)

Remember when I told you about the ‘Bird Box challenge?

Basically, a bunch of dumb a$$es were inspired to do stuff blindfolded by a new movie:

The movie has become immensely popular very quickly, and because people are MORONS, Netflix has had to issue the following warning:

Yeah… we can’t believe it, either.

And while at the time of the warning nothing too dramatic had happened… things only got worse.

Now we have this:

….I hate people.

Seriously… wtf?

I feel uncontrollable amounts of rage towards this imbecile.

No one was hurt… but they easily could have been. What if YOUR kid died because some idiot thought it would be funny to drive with a blindfold on?