GoFundMe Is Refunding The 20 Million Raised By “Build The Wall” Campaign

Ashley (Kimber)

GoFundMe has announced they will be refunding the 20 MILLION dollars raised by a viral campaign to build the wall.

Apparently, this refund was triggered when Brian Kolfage, the man who began the campaign, changed the terms of the campaign:

Which basically means Kolfage could end up keeping the money himself.

As these were NOT the terms stipulated when people gave their money, GoFundMe feels this is a violation. While I’m disappointed in the way everything panned out, I can’t say I disagree with this decision.

And while I’m not trying to drag anyone’s name here, there are reports that Brian Kolfage has improperly used donation money before:

Again, I’m not trying to smear anyone, but I DO think I should share this all with you so that you can all form your own opinions here based on everything that’s out there.

Here’s one thing I know for sure: terms of fundraising efforts should NEVER be changed once you’ve already raised 20 million dollars. Whether his intentions were good or not, those simply weren’t the terms of the contract. You can’t change a contract 20 million dollars in, whether most people are “ok” with it or not. GoFundMe is actually doing the right thing here.

I do, however, think this campaign let President Trump and the GOP know just how much the American people care about this wall.

Brian Kolfage added THIS to the orginal GoFundMe page:

“UPDATE: JANUARY 11, 2019 WE ARE BUILDING THE WALL! You can still donate right now on this Gofundme!! The media is falsely reporting all money is being refunded and it’s over. They are WRONG. WE ARE BUILDING THE WALL and you can STILL donate or opt in if you donated before January 11th TO SUPPORT the plan. “