Freshman Congressman Catches HEAT For Bringing 6-Pack Of Beer Onto House Floor

Ashley (Kimber)

Ok – this made me LAUGH. It’s all kinda silly.

Remember when libs were losing their SH*T over the fact that Kavanaugh likes beer?

I had a good time with that.

Well…it turns out that Democrats like beer, too!

Joe Cunningham, Freshman Democrat Rep from South Carolina even got himself in some trouble over it.

According to this:

The newly elected Democrat from South Carolina was not allowed on the House floor on Friday because he was carrying an illicit item: a six-pack of beer.

LOL. Wut?

The freshman Democrat was reportedly trying to gift the craft beers from breweries in Charleston to Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio, co-chair of the House’s Small Brewer’s Caucus, according to The Post and Courier.

Ok – that’s actually entirely understandable, and kind of cute, in my opinion. It was a nice gesture.


Will the beer caucus admit Dems losing their mind over Kavanaugh’s “I like beer” comment was insane? If so, then YES. Let’s make this a thing.

The different Charleston-area beers included a White Thai and One Claw from Westbrook Brewing Company and Dead Arm from Coast Brewing, according to the Post and Courier. Coast Brewing gave some follow-up advice to the congressman on Twitter.


Fortunately… the beers in question ended up where they were supposed to:


Next time, swap beers in the parking lot… I guess?