Video Supposedly PROVES Stephen Miller Is A RACIST!…Just One Problem

Ashley (Kimber)

This video is being circulated by the left as DEFINITIVE PROOF that Stephen Miller is a flaming, evil RACIST.

What’s racist about this?

“Illegal immigrants in the shadows.”

Cue the outrage:

Oh. I missed that memo, apparently.

Wow. Ok, then.

But… they’re missing something pretty critical here:

In fact, I’ve used similar terminology myself. Illegal immigrants, DO in fact, live in the “shadows” of society.

Illegal immigrants are fugitives from the law. PERIOD. More often than not this legal status precludes any chance at honest productivity, which leads many to gang affiliations, drugs, and a lifetime of dependence and poverty. They use fake social security numbers and IDs to try and gain employment. They avoid events or areas they think may expose them to law enforcement. They refuse to call or cooperate with law enforcement in the face of crime. THEY LIVE IN THE SHADOWS.

This is no way racist. If anything, understanding how problematic this is, and REFUSING to turn a blind eye to it, is part of actually SOLVING our immigration problem.

But the left has no intent on solving anything. They WANT to keep immigrants in the shadows. If this problem were “solved” …what would they virtue signal about?