President Trump Floats A Potential Path For Citizenship

Hannah Bleau

President Trump is standing strong on border wall funding. I feel like Democrats– like Chuck and Nancy– expected him to cave by now. They’re not used to dealing with someone like Trump. For crying out loud, they were basically horrified that Trump stood up and walked out of their meeting after Pelosi continued to shoot down wall funding.

I’ve heard rumblings about making a compromise using amnesty. Ah yes. We’re there again.

I like the way Sen. Rubio put it. That’s a separate conversation. No matter how you feel about amnesty, it shouldn’t have anything to do with this current debate. This current debate is all about FUNDING THE WALL AND WALL ALONE. Amnesty is a different conversation for a different day. It shouldn’t be part of this deal.

However, we have this little tidbit from Trump:

I don’t think Trump’s considering lumping that into the deal. I truly believe he’s simply thinking out loud here.

Speaking of, Trump is still making the case that Mexico is paying for the wall through our new trade deal.

That’s all the Trump tweets we have so far today. I’ll keep you posted on any wall-related developments as I see them!