I Need To Rant About The Wall, And How Much Democrats Suck.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I’m kinda in a rage this morning, FYI. So apologies in advance for the fury you’re about to witness.

So today we’re matching a record from the mid 90s in terms of the longest government shut down ever. Team #AmericanGothic can pretend all they want that this is a Trump shutdown, but literally anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex knows better. Chuck and Nancy haven’t been willing to negotiate at all. Trump has. Mr. McSinister and Mrs. McBotox OWN this shutdown. Period. Full stop.

But I don’t want Trump to declare a national emergency in order to release funds to build the wall, you guys. That sets the WORST PRECEDENT EVER, worse than Harry Reid’s reconciliation rule (which of course the GOP has used to its advantage since its inception.) The SECOND Democrats win back the White House (and it’s inevitable that they will at some point), whoever their idiotic presidential choice is will immediately declare a national emergency about climate change. And about guns. And who knows what else.

What pisses me off the most about this whole wall thing is that Democrats are so frighteningly dishonest about border security. They claim they want it, and that they have “better ideas” on how to secure the border than Trump’s wall. And yet, the simplest solution, outside of a physical barrier, is the one that they eschew the most. We need to STOP INCENTIVIZING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. The reason people come here illegally is because of the immediate benefits they receive once they arrive. So what do Democrats do? ENRICH THE BENEFITS. They create sanctuary cities, which effectively INVITES illegals to come in droves. They cry big fat crocodile tears about needing to provide medical and free education to illegal alien children, while ignoring domestic issues related to our own citizens.

And don’t even get me started on members of the media, complicit in all of it. Jim Acosta owning himself yesterday was hilarious, but also a terrifying example of how dead American journalism is. Anna Navarro filing her nails while hearing about American citizens being murdered by illegals is mock-worthy, sure, but it’s also a horrendous reminder of how the Left (and yes, she’s included in that group) simply DOES NOT CARE. They prop up AOC and her nasally, tinny, whiny voice to bitch about illegal aliens being “more American” than our Actual Citizens trying to stop them, and they don’t even see how deeply offensive that is to legal citizens and legal immigrants. The Left laps it up with a freaking spoon. Rachel Maddow practically needed a post-coital cigarette after AOC went on that tirade.

WTF is even going on?

Anyway, I don’t know what the answer is, guys. We are surrounded by complete idiots who don’t understand what makes America the exceptional place it is. Illegal immigration hurts ALL OF US, but especially those people who love our country and want to be a part of it in a lawful way. How DARE Democrats suggest people who are in favor of the wall are anti-immigrant? DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONES whose actions are anti-immigrant. They’re pro-crime, pure and simple.

Democrats have voted time and again for physical barriers at the border. Many of them insist they want “border security.” F*CKING PROVE IT, hypocrites. End the shut down and stop rewarding terrible behavior, and only then will you be able to claim that you want border security.  No rational person believes your bullsh*t.