Allow Me To Introduce You To The World’s Biggest Brat

Hannah Bleau

This started out as a joke about Democrats from none other than James Woods, but I watched the clip all the way through and was legitimately horrified by what I heard.

This 15-year-old girl is whining to Dr. Phil because her mother cut her allowance to “just” $1,000 a month. It used to be $2,500. She needs Dr. Phil to explain to her mom that she can’t just pull the rug out from underneath her. She was raised on a certain lifestyle, and she cannot possibly survive on a $1,000 allowance. It’s totally unreasonable. Also, she doesn’t want a Mercedes as her first car, but she’ll accept one if she HAS to.

CAN YOU EVEN? A $1,000 a month allowance is TOO LOW? I wanted for nothing as a kid, but I had to BEG and PROMISE to do chores in order to get a flippin’ WonderBall at K-Mart. Girl. PLEASE.

I love the end. She starts BAWLING because her mom and Dr. Phil suggested it’s time for her to EARN money by getting a job. She cried, and it totally reminded me of entitled Dems who want to sit on their butts and have the government hand them everything on a silver platter.

To be clear, her parents TOTALLY deserve blame here, but yeah. She’s a brat. They created a monster.

h/t Twitchy