Ron Perlman Shares Absolutely DISGUSTING Cartoon About Molesting Sarah Sanders

Ashley (Kimber)

The Left is really about #MeToo and respecting women, and WOMYNS RIGHTS and all that.

Unless that woman happens to be a conservative one, in which case the idea of her being sexually assaulted is HILARIOUS.

I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had my own experience with the left hoping I’d get raped. Twitter didn’t seem to mind, either.

Anyway – I bring that up because I just saw this.

Ron Perlman is among the LOUDEST TDS creeps in Hollywood. LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD. The Hollywood that pretends to care about sexual assault.

This is what he posted:

Here’s what it links to:


In the cartoon, the ‘Trump’ character says to the ‘Sarah Sanders’ character: “I have the occasional urge to grab you by the pus…”

She interrupts: “You’re gonna need a bigger hand.”

Think about that, for a moment. Think about what the left thinks is funny at this point.

These people are repulsive.