David Hogg’s Response To President Trump’s Immigration Speech Is Peak Moron

Hannah Bleau

We’ve seen a lot of moronic responses to President Trump’s completely rational and reasonable immigration speech, but this takes the cake.

I have so many thoughts.

  1. “Stolen” land? There was no established government here. If you really want to “go there,” I guess we have to consider that ALL LAND ALL OVER THE WORLD was “stolen” at some point.
  2.  Was it OK for Native Americans to “steal” land from other tribes? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that went down.
  3. Does this mean you believe that the USA is illegitimate? Because wow.
  4. If you really believe that, will you be leaving sometime soon? After all, you’re thriving on STOLEN LAND. Shame on you!

Don’t you wish you could be as #woke as Hogg?

Your house is everyone’s house, David!

Heck yeah, ’cause NO ONE is illegal! Everyone is invited! Who’s bringing the deviled eggs?! Anyone?