RNC Releases Video On How Families Have Been Affected By Illegals

Daisy, Co-Founder

This country spends $116 Billion on illegals every year.  And that’s an underestimation, y’all.  That’s a lot of money spent on people who aren’t American citizens, when veterans and homeless children and countless other AMERICANS need our help.  You know, before illegals.

So when I see Democrats complaining about 2 billion or 5 billion or 20 billion to “build” a wall (when in actuality, we already HAVE freaking walls on our border that just need to be strengthened to keep those who want to break our existing laws OUT), I shake my head at how ridiculous their argument is.  Because they have no argument.  They merely have hatred for Trump, and they resemble toddlers.

We can’t afford illegal immigration, especially when those people are demanding 50k a pop and if they don’t get their way to go back and start business in their home country, they’ll throw rocks at our border patrol.  Um, how about you jump up and bite me?  American citizens have to pay for our OWN businesses.  We have to pay for our OWN kids to go to college.  And we’re already strapped without having your entitlements on our to-do lists.  Thanks.

We’re freaking broke, y’all.  Just ask our debt clock.

Finances aside, I know that celebrities and Democrats don’t give two hoots about my family’s safety (mainly because they have armed guards and WALLS AROUND THEIR MANSIONS), but the border wall is, in fact, a matter of national security.  That’s common sense.  If it wasn’t enough for these folks to break the first law by crossing the border illegally, there are ones among them who will come here to continue to break more laws after they bust on through.  And those laws includes robbery, rape, and murder.

One of my family members was raped by an illegal.  It was brutal and senseless, and that waste of human oxygen should’ve never been in this country.  PERIOD.  But alas, he was.  And he altered the course of my loved one’s life.  Thank God he was caught, and yes – he’ll go to jail, and he’ll eventually get deported, but you know what?  If we don’t change things, he’ll probably end up free, and then right back across the southern border again – ILLEGALLY. And you know what?  I’m certain that he’ll do something awful again. Because this country can’t strap on a set and protect its own people FIRST for fear of being called raaaaaaaaaaacist.

Building the wall is a legal, financial, and safety issue.

It’s not racist to adhere to EXISTING LAWS.  And laws aren’t a buffet, y’all.  You don’t get to pick and choose which ones you want to obey, Democrats.  Your feelings are invalid.

Side note – I can assure you that Hollywood celebrities have locks on their doors (and walls) around their mansions.  Eh, Alyssa Milano?

I’m DELIGHTED that the RNC has produced this video.  And I hope that they keep making them:


(H/T: Daily Wire)