I Need To Tell You Why I’m Conflicted About Term Limits And Why I Died Laughing At A Caller.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Today, we took calls about term limits.  You might recall from an earlier post that Ted Cruz has recently reintroduced legislation that would put term limits on members of Congress.

Not gonna lie. I may be the only Chick out of the four of us who has mixed feelings about term limits. I totally get (in theory) why people want them. Without them, of course, we have people like Bernie Sanders who make serving (and I use that term loosely) a lifetime career – raking in $ off of taxpayers forever, and if they get enough viral soundbites, they end up becoming bajillionaires on TOP of raking in money off of taxpayers. Believe me – I’m just as interested in seeing Bernie and Maxine and Nancy and Dianne and Sheila and Chuck and all the rest of those jackholes get OUT of Congress as much as the next person.

But then there’s the part of me that thinks, Well, isn’t that what elections are FOR? To remove idiots from office and elect better people? Shouldn’t we, as American voters, be smart enough to do the ONE JOB we have when it comes to choosing our representatives?

And there’s also the part of me that thinks, A House member newly elected, like that moron AOC, will learn nothing more than where the bathrooms are, and maybe the names of like a third of her colleagues during her first year. She certainly won’t learn how to properly legislate, and CAN’T possibly learn what impact any potential legislation she would propose would have on existing laws and policies. Imagine AOC or any junior rep trying to propose any kind of legislation about tax law, for example.  In order to do so with any kind of effectiveness, they’d have to know thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of current tax law and how what they’re proposing could impact it.  It’s like I said on the air today – we don’t expect a first year med student to separate Siamese twins. They have to build their knowledge base. They have to gain experience. And with someone as dumb as AOC, this takes a lot of time.  She’s still not familiar with what the three branches of government even ARE, let alone how to begin to serve in one of them. Consider also, that because House of Representative terms are just two years long, these people spend the bulk of their SECOND years just trying to get re-elected for a 2nd term.  Lather, rinse, and repeat every other year. So do we really want to place a limit of 6 two-year terms on a Representative that might just finally be starting to be really effective? (Obviously I don’t mean AOC here – I’m just saying in general). Don’t we want to have the choice to re-elect truly exceptional people? Isn’t that, again, what our vote is FOR?

Anyway. That’s why I’m conflicted.

We took calls on this topic today, and as always, our listeners have great insight. My favorite caller of the day was Becky, though. Hands down. Listen:

I’m still cracking up over the whore shorts comment. If you’re not in on that joke, you gotta catch up right here.

So where are y’all on the term limit thing? Yes? No? Discuss.