Trump To Address The Nation On National Security Crisis

Ashley (Kimber)

As the government shutdown marches on, President Trump has decided to speak DIRECTLY to the people.

This is EXACTLY what we need right now.

According to Daily Caller:

He must take the issue directly to Americans, who seem largely bewildered by the rationale for the current government shutdown – in reality, Democrats simply refuse point blank to fund the wall to the tune of $5 billion. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has stated openly that she will not give more than $1 for the wall; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and others have stated that they believe a wall somehow violates American values.

Americans largely blame President Trump for the shutdown, thanks in part to terrible media coverage, and thanks in part to President Trump’s originally nationally televised statements that he would happily “own” the shutdown. In late December, The Economist found that 51 percent of respondents blamed Trump, with 44 percent blaming Congressional Democrats. But within one week, a YouGov/HuffPost poll found the opposite: 51 percent of Americans disapproved of Congressional Democrats’ handling of the shutdown, with 49 percent of Americans disapproving of Trump’s handling. Congressional Republicans, predictably, received a 58 percent disapproval rating. FiveThirtyEight notes that polling related to government shutdowns generally has no lasting effect on presidents or Congress.

Trump NEEDS to push and clarify this.

Sure… there are many who will not listen. There are many who CANNOT listen. There are also those who will… and they may make the whole difference.