Libs Attack “Homophobic Bigot” Pence’s Swearing In Of ‘Bisexual’ Senator, Only There’s ONE Problem…

Ashley (Kimber)

Never has the Left’s hatred of Christianity – and the RIGHT, been more apparent than it is now.

The Left has crafted this delusional narrative of our Vice President Mike Pence as an evil, bigoted, a-hole who wants to electrocute gays, or something. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone who has ever met or known Mike Pence will say he treated them with the utmost respect and dignity – REGARDLESS of political or religious differences.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona was sworn in earlier this week. (BARF. As a resident of Arizona myself, this legitimately makes me queasy. She’s the WORST.) She chose to take her oath on a “law book” rather than on the Bible, because she’s “progressive” like that. And while the left is squealing with GLEE at that, there’s something I find even more obnoxious.

The left is virtually wetting themselves over the idea that Pence is ‘wildly uncomfortable’ with the fact that she’s openly bisexual.


He seems perfectly normal to me.

Also, I’m sorry to lose focus here, but WTF is she wearing? It’s January in DC, not Mother’s Day brunch in Palm Beach. Put a damn jacket on, Synema. This is disrespectful.


Everyone piled on:

Wait…BUT…am I the only one who didn’t see that AT ALL?! Like… he seemed perfectly friendly to me.

And then there’s THIS:


Adam Best realized that he looked kiiiinda dumb. So here’s his attempt to save some face:

Dude. You’re trying WAY too hard here.

Mike Pence isn’t “weird.” But your obsession with him sure is.

PS Adam is the little chump that sued to get Trump to unblock him on Twitter. So what more do we expect?