Time Square Officials Threaten To Pull CNN’s Press Credentials Over Cohen’s INSUFFERABLE Tantrum

Ashley (Kimber)

Despite their “commitment to diversity” (AKA hatred for white men), CNN had two rich white dudes host their NYE coverage. (It’s totally fine, because they’re both gay.)

Anyway – Andy Cohen was LIVID that Times Square authorities told him rules did, in fact, apply to him… and spent the entire show complaining about it.

According to this:

Instead of celebrating a fun night, Cohen wasted much of the evening whining that Times Square authorities had warned him not to use his umbrella, citing safety reasons.

What an entitled JACKA$$.

Cohen — who wore a hooded coat amid the drizzle — was furious that the Times Square Alliance repeatedly told him to get rid of his umbrella.

Andy’s longtime friend, Anderson Cooper, said Cohen spent more than an hour arguing off-camera with the Times Square official (typical of leftists to think the rules don’t apply to them).

An HOUR, you guys. More than an hour yelling in some poor guy’s face about how rules simply do not apply to him.

Cohen said when he refused to ditch his umbrella, the official threatened to pull CNN’s press credentials for next year, so he begrudgingly complied.

Dear GAWD. Can you imagine how obnoxious this man must be OFF camera?

What an entitled blowhard.

“I said I won’t do it!” Cohen recounted. “I said, ‘Get the paddy wagon, because that’s what it’s going to take.’ But now they are threatening to pull CNN’s spot from the credentials from Times Square for next year!”

…I wish they would have.

Source: Andy Cohen whines about New Year's Eve umbrella ban at Times Square by BPR

Naturally, Trump-obsessed leftist Anderson Cooper invoked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders into the mix, claiming the tussle between Cohen and the Times Square authority resembled the feud between Sanders and CNN’s showboating clown, Jim Acosta.

“This is like the Jim Acosta–Sarah Sanders thing,” Cooper laughed.

A sarcastic Cohen asked: “This umbrella is such a threat to the Times Square Alliance?! What does the Times Square Alliance do besides F with my New Year’s Eve? This is some grade-A BS.”

Seriously… I hope this moron issues an apology for his behavior. I cannot imagine being this PROUD of being an entitled, self-obsessed a-hole. It’s freaking gross.

But he wasn’t done. He tried to get everyone else in on his b*tching.

Cohen continued to whine about his umbrella in another segment, where CNN host Lisa Ling said she was embedded with the New York Police Department.

“We are embedded with the NYPD out here tonight because as you can see, there’s a massive amount of people and it’s their job to keep all these people safe,” Ling said. “Not just people here in Times Square — but all over the city of New York. It’s an extraordinary effort.”

Cohen angrily quipped: “Lisa, ask the NYPD what their issue is with hosts having umbrellas.”

Ling ignored him.

Source: CNN guest Andy Cohen whines to Lisa Ling about umbrella ban by BPR

This is embarrassing.

And TYPICAL “Do you even know who I am?!” Liberal behavior.