Trump SLAMS Obama’s ‘Wall’ Hypocrisy

Ashley (Kimber)

Liberals think walls are evil, right?

So let’s back up here for a second:

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!,” Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon.


According to Fox News:

The former president and his wife, Michelle, bought the 8,200-square-foot mansion for $8.1 million in 2017, according to reports.

The house is in the Kalorama section of Washington, an exclusive enclave for diplomats, lobbyists and politicians, including Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared, as well as Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

The Obamas bought the house after leasing it when Obama left office in 2016.

They made a number of renovations to the property at the time, including the wall.


I just don’t understand why they would ever, ever do that! Keeping a wall around their HOME?! How incredibly AWFUL.