Mizzou Official Suggests Tall Dudes Asking Short Girls Out Could Amount To Sexual Misconduct

Hannah Bleau

Yes. You read that correctly. This world has gone mad.

An official at the University of Missouri actually suggested that a male student might’ve violated a school policy by asking a short girl out. How? Why? Because he was taller than her, which is INCREDIBLY intimidating, and that doesn’t make his action too far from sexual assault.

You think I’m making this up? I wish.

When a Mizzou official was questioned regarding a case where a black male Ph.D. candidate at the school asked out a white female fitness trainer, she bizarrely suggested that the fact that the male student was larger than the female student gave him “power over her” and violated school policy.

The Daily Wire previously reported on the case in July. The male student, whom The Daily Wire will refer to as John Doe, asked out the female fitness instructor, who will be identified as Jane Roe. She said she was busy but discussed with him possibly going out later that month. Two days later, she told him to “stop making romantic advances toward her,” according to John’s lawsuit against Mizzou. Despite not wanting to date him, Jane asked John to keep taking her to dance classes.

It sounds like there was a severe case of head games going on. He asked her for some YouTube suggestions to help him practice. She instead told him he should take private lessons. She told him she didn’t offer those though and proceeded to ignore him for a week.

On October 14, 2016, John wrote Jane a three-page letter “apologizing for being awkward around her, expressing sincere feelings for her, and asking [her] what if anything she wanted from Plaintiff,” his lawsuit said.

Cathy Scroggs, who was Mizzou’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs when the incident involving John and Jane occurred, was asked during a recent deposition if the accusation against John satisfied the school’s policy for sexual misconduct regarding one having “power or authority” over another. Scroggs responded, “I think he was perceived as having power over her.”

She was further questioned as to the “nature of [John’s] power over her.” The interviewer asked if it was just John’s “size” that contributed to that “power.”

Scroggs responded: “His physical size.”

Now, a normal person would interpret that policy as “power” in the sense of professor (AKA a person in a position of power) having a relationship with a student (AKA someone in a more vulnerable position). But nope! She’s going with physical size, which is ridiculous because MOST MEN ARE PHYSICALLY LARGER THAN THE WOMEN THEY’RE ASKING OUT.

John was suspended for his interactions with Jane and sued, feeling the punishment was far too severe for the situation.

Mizzou has attempted to dismiss the lawsuit, but much of John’s lawsuit was upheld.

Madness, right?

h/t Daily Wire

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