AAAAWKWARD. Pelosi And Schumer Totally Just Ripped Each Other Off

Ashley (Kimber)

So… this is FUN.

I know Democrats are REALLY into talking points… but usually, they at LEAST change it up a little to look like they’re each capable of original thought.

Not this time.

Ready for this?


I guess Nancy added hashtags?  She’s hip like that. Nice touch, Nance.

But wait… there’s more.


Ummm… you guys… this is weird.

Nancy spiced THIS ONE up. You know… by breaking it up into two tweets:


Listen… I know politicians run on talking points… but this is just…BAD.

For the record, Schumer tweeted HIS version out 23 minutes before Pelosi did. Which just means he opened his “Talking points to tweet out” email before she did.